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Are you always looking for ways to help your child learn new words?

Do you find it a challenge to engage your child in letter and spelling activities?

Does your child struggle with the complexities of learning to read and write simple short words such as "cat", "dog", "man" etc..?

Are you having trouble getting your child to recognise the sounds of letters?

Does your child find it difficult to blend sounds while learning to read?

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If yes, start your child off on the right foot with our CVC Short Words Activity Bundle where your child/student will learn and practice 29 familiar CVC short family words.

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The CVC Short Words Activity Bundle contains over 1000 no-prep activities that can be used individually or in combination when teaching children short vowel words.

Short CVC word activities are a great opportunity to familiarize your child with the sounds of the letters and to start to recognize the patterns and similarities in short words. These activities are also an excellent way to reinforce letter sounds and letter patterns.

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The CVC Short Words Activity Bundle is filled with fun and colorful activities that lists the basic consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words your child will learn during preschool and kindergarten.

This bundle is ideal for children who are just starting to sound out words, it is a perfect pathway to introduce your child to the exciting world of short phonics words.

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CVC Short Words Activity Bundle contains the following:

'a' family cvc short words activites

'e' family cvc short words activites

'i' family cvc short words activites

'o' family cvc short words activites

'u' family cvc short words activites

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